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The 2015 Gap Year Ultimate African Experience

Love Travelling? Nothing beats the Gap-year Ultimate African Travel Experience!


The 2015 Gap Year Ultimate African Experience! Join the club, be a wanderer, join the vagabonds, become an African Maasai Moran, Explore the African Jungle, go wild – in the Wild Africa!


This year Jambo African Adventures is taking the Gap Year Expedition a notch higher for all the Gap Year Attendees! Our Objective as usual in providing Lifetime Experiences is to make sure that all students get quality adventures, Spend less in their travel, Learn a couple of things they did not know – of course about Africa, the cradle of Mankind, touch someone’s life in our indigenous communities as they mesmerize and get absorbed in the local cultures and lifestyles that sometimes could be a bit archaic – but makes for very interesting life lessons and observations, get off the comforts of the western world [for a few days] and learn some of the life’s great experiences!


This year the Jambo African Adventures treasure-troves team has put together several fun packed educational experiences and have streamlined extensive Bush adrenaline and exciting activities – from the savage abseiling, Bungee Jumping, biking and hiking the African terrain to white water rafting, Canoe racing, waterfall jumping and without forgetting the finger licking African goat meat, you MUST come to just eat this one – unbelievably delicious, there’s nothing that tastes like it!


White water rafting


Jambo African Adventures is blowing its own trumpet?

  • We got the Wisdom to organize outstanding African Adventures
    We only plan goal-purpose travel expeditions
    Let’s say we execute experiential African Adventure travel trips to the best places in East and Southern Africa. Our Bush adventures and Overland Trails will reconnect you with the African motherland and become one of us. Come rub shoulders with the Big Five and many African wildlife and mesmerize in the African Jungle
    Learn, socialize, Snap off those memories as you click off your digital cameras and lets all join in the fun!
  • What more can we do for you!

    • We are the best in doing the savory bush meals
    • All special dietary needs taken into account
    • Organize all your travel needs, visas, permits etc
    • Special amenities like internet, sim cards and phone provisions to allow you share along as you click away and get in touch with the most important people in your life
    • We provide pre and post-induction information to keep you on top of your game so that you make the most of your adventure
    • We are indigenous and are knowledgeable with all the nitty-gritties of what to encounter while travelling in Africa – that wisdom goes a long way to building strong relations with us on all your expedition segments.


    Come on, let’s sing an African tune, enjoy and African Meal, Listen to an African story, take rounds enjoying an African drink above all celebrate the African Wild jungles with Jambo African Adventures!

    Get in touch with us on:
    Jambo African Adventures Ltd, 12B, 9th Avenue, Kamura.
    Off Magadi rd. P.o Box 243-00614, Nairobi. Kenya.

    Tel: +254-20-8024779, Cell: +254-720-651000,

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