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bwindi forest national park

Bwindi Forest National Park

Designated as a World Heritage Site, Bwindi is a world of towering trees, giant ferns, tangled undergrowth and hanging vines, creating the quintessential equatorial jungle. The altitudinal range of montane and lowland forests at Bwindi support more species of trees, ferns, birds and butterflies than any other forest in East Africa.

kibale forest national park

Kibale Forest National Park

The extensive Kibale Forest, near Fort Portal in the West, is thought to have the greatest variety and concentration of primates in Africa. Thirteen species have been recorded including the red colobus, the black and white colobus, the vervet and of course the chimpanzee.

lake mburo national park

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo is one of the newest of Uganda’s National Parks, with a landscape of open plains, acacia grasslands and marshes. Around the lake itself is thicker riverine woodland while much of the rest of the park is acacia woodland.

murchison falls national park

Murchison Falls National Park

The meandering Victoria Nile and the dramatic Murchison Falls make this National Park, the biggest in the country, a stunning habitat for wildlife. Murchison Falls was discovered by Samuel Baker in 1864.

queen elizabeth national park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The magnificent Queen Elizabeth National Park, located in the western corridor of the Great African Rift Valley, is blessed with a variety of habitats – tropical forest, green meadows, savannah, crater lakes and swamps.


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